1. Country Radio

From the recording MILK RIVER


Sunny Nashville is where I fell in love alone
Skeleton country Skeleton country was our radio
Drinking songs we were stars to come
Taking names on country radio
We were lovely we were only lovely alone
You in diamonds singing the Ryman and Opry front row
And our hearts wrapped in the song
Making love on country radio
Dollar bill dancer and a broken painter were my only friends
‘Neath Cumberland bridges betting down our wages waiting on something to give
From your throat you sang my last note
Selling souls for country radio
It’s such a curse it’s such a curse when blood spills the land
But you are pardoned my own blood stained down on my own hand
With my purple eye; A&R let me know
You left me for country radio
I got to get back I got to get back to where I belong
Do you remember where it was that I come from?
I just need some southern rain
Cleaning up this Chevrolet
And I don’t mind the long drive
I just wish that I’d not wasted time
I don’t mind the long drive
I just wish that I had liked her country radio