What do you do when the band has broken up, you’ve resigned from 18 years of music ministry, and your left deciding if music should just become a hobby? Turn 38 years old and record a new album of course!

Born and raised in Tahlequah, OK, music was always playing in the house from Doo-Wop groups to the 60’s/70’s rock to church hymns. Drawing upon these influences, Luke Rountree began writing songs at a young age and eventually formed the indie-rock band Up From Under. During the next 10 years they recorded three albums, relocated the band to Oklahoma City, and found small success in the area.

12 years after the band dispersed, his 18 years in church music ministry ended, and the realities of time and life setting in, Luke Rountree was at a cross-roads: continue the music dream or chalk it up as a stupid-expensive hobby. With old and new songs filling the four walls of his mind and home, he set out in 2021 to record his first LP under his own name. “Milk River” was released on June 30th, 2023. In this debut album, Rountree has penned a 10-song collection that shares stories immersed in themes of love, coming-of-age, death, and God swirled in dusty-Oklahoma folk-rock. The album was recorded by Rountree and Gilson Machtolff at 33rd Street Studios in Edmond, Oklahoma. Local musicians such as Ryan McGuire (drums and percussion), John Freise (bass guitar), and Randy Sanders (guitars) helped create the Americana landscape for Rountree’s lucid storytelling. 2 of the 3 singles from the album “All We Ever” and “Country Radio” have been featured on OKC’s local radio show The Oklahoma Rock Show, as well as live performances on The Spark and Plug Podcast, Studio 66 at Rogers State University TV broadcast, and a live in-studio recording by Circle Lotus Media.